Combat Sambo's martial art system was officially recognized as a legitimate sport in the USSR in 1938. Now utilized extensively in the UFC and Mixed Martial Arts world. At first it was named “Free style wrestling.” Later it was called “Free wrestling,” and in 1946 was renamed “SAMBO.” This is an acronym for “Samooborona Bez Oruzhia" which means “Self Defense Without Weapons.”This system is a compilation of techniques from many martial art styles, including techniques from Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. During World War II, the system was widely used by the Soviet Army.

Combat Sambo professionals also acquired many techniques and tactics from criminal street fighters, and a number of these techniques were included in Combat Sambo and used in our Mixed Martial Arts Program in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.

Combat Sambo has years of development, and thats why we teach it at our Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Port Saint Lucie Florida. Now it seems unqualified Mixed Martial Arts Schools are popping up everywhere, most with instructors that have never trained mma with a qualified instructor and cant prove it either. Most have some grappling with no striking skills or vice versa! Many of these schools are misleading students with false claims, I personally hate seeing students that truly have great potential get trapped into a situation where they have no chance to grow to the absolute highest level possible.

Today Sambo consists of three components: Sport Sambo, Self-defense Sambo, and Combat Sambo which out of the three is the main focus here at out Port Saint Lucie Mixed Martial Arts school. 

Sport Sambo is similar to Judo, but with some differences in rules, protocol, and uniform. Sport Sambo allows leglocks and different grips for certain throws. 

Self-defense Sambo is similar to Aikijujutsu because it is intended to be entirely defensive against attacks by armed and unarmed criminals. It is also designed for specific professions, such as taxi drivers, bank employees, bodyguards, various law enforcement agents, etc. It is also very useful for rape prevention and children’s self-defense. 

Combat Sambo is a very aggressive system designed to prepare an individual to be effective in any situation from street confrontations to the Mixed Martial Arts world. The purpose of Combat Sambo is to “survive.” Combat Sambo includes techniques from both Sport and Self-defense Sambo, but uses them in different ways. It includes techniques that are dangerous and prohibited in sports. The Russian Military, Police, special Crowd Control units, Marines, Mixed Martial Arts fighters and others have employed Combat Sambo for all aspects of self-defense and close combat. 

Combat Sambo is constantly evolving. With its ever-growing arsenal of techniques adopted from many martial arts and fighting forms, it is one of the most comprehensive self-defense and survival systems in the world.

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Lucas Morley Created this site to help spread Sambo to everyone in the World. His approach to Russian Sambo can be used in Sport Sambo, Combat Sambo, Self Defense Sambo, Sambo For MMA, Sambo For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo. Morley Coaching guides clients and students through functional and personalized training methods that focus on instruction, explanation and application, to achieve the highest understanding and best performance results.